Andrew Alder and Jonathan Brook are two long-term friends who met in New York nearly two decades ago as they were each beginning the respective careers in the financial world and dreaming of climbing the corporate ladder. They soon became firm friends and, although they never actually worked together for the same company, realized that they shared the same ideals and principles. Jonathan started his career back in 1999 with Spear Leeds and Kellogg, and then moved around with various prestigious firms like CRT Capital, Merrill Lynch and several others as he sought to find a company which matched both his ambition and values. Andrew set off on his journey a few years later in 2002 with UBS Securities, before then moving to Instinet where he stayed for the next ten years.

Jonathan and Andrew went through similar experiences and they both grew uneasy at how the big firms tended to operate behind closed doors, especially in terms of the obvious disparity at the way they treated their clients depending on the value of their investments. They found that important investors were shown reverence and respect and given special attention and access to the best opportunities, while the rest were given scant or little consideration. Even more importantly, they were disillusioned and disappointed with a system which seemed to be designed for the self-interest of the financial broker, with back end fees and commissions which were not in the best interests of the client.

Jonathan attended a conference in Japan in 2013 and was presented with an opportunity to act as an independent financial consultant to various young wealth management firms in the country. The experience and the new surroundings invigorated him and he found that integrity and principles were still strong in Japan, where brokers were still unaffected by the corruption of Wall Street. He invited Andrew to visit and the rest is history; they decided to set up a new wealth management company based on the principles that are still evident in Japan, one which would hold dear to the ethics of equality, and treating every customer with the same respect and giving everybody equal opportunity, while at the same time ensuring that any financial advice or investment recommendations were given strictly with the client’s best interest in mind.

Together, Jonathan and Andrew bring nearly 40 years’ worth of experience in the industry and they have slowly built up a strong and reliable team made up of both local and expat financial experts who all share and believe in the same vision; a wealth management firm which is built on integrity and which holds true to the values of respect for all, equality in service and opportunity, and true fiduciary transparency. AlderBrook has been well received from the start and we have now opened up several satellite offices to service our growing clientele.