While we are experts at obtaining the correct legal judgement through the litigation process, we understand that this is very often only the beginning. Obtaining the correct ruling does not guarantee recovery of your losses since fraudulent promoters and companies will most likely have assets hidden or protected in order to avoid having to pay back any debts owed. When a debtor fails to pay back what is owed to you we can help you to take the necessary steps to collect your money.

We have a team of specialists who have vast experience in exploring the financial history and makeup of individuals or companies. We can conduct a thorough investigation into any attachable assets owned by the debtor and provide you with the right information in order to build an accurate picture of your debtor’s financial status. Once we have all the information on the whereabouts of a debtor’s assets we can then help you to proceed with the enforcement of the court’s ruling.

We will:

  • Meet with you in order to discuss the court’s judgement
  • Conduct an investigation into the debtor’s assets
  • Present you with our findings and discuss your options
  • Proceed with your chosen course of action


For further information please contact us so we can help you to recover your losses.

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