Putting Your Capital To Work In Order To Secure A Better Future

Informed Investing For Long-Term Success

We are experts at providing you with a wide-ranging list of investment options across a broad spectrum of assets, while affording you with the right guidance in order for you to have the best chance of achieving your investment objectives. Our Research & Analysis team, both in-house and the various affiliate teams around the world, have extensive knowledge of the global markets, and direct our Financial Advisors to the best investment opportunities. Our Financial Advisors will then identify and recommend to you the most suitable investments across the whole range of investment asset classes, as well as the right investment vehicles, from simple Mutual Funds to high risk high reward Hedge Funds.

We will consider your investment objectives, your risk tolerance, your liquidity needs, and your investment horizon, and we will then help you to devise the ideal investment strategy for your investment objectives. Our AlderBrooke Financial Advisors can help you to make the right investment decisions by keeping you informed of any market fluctuations and new investment opportunities, and by guiding you through all the available options. We also specialize in emerging markets and we believe that it is important to develop and maintain relationships along the whole line of business, from manufacturers to suppliers and distributors, in order to be ideally placed to recognize investment opportunities ahead of our competitors.

We can offer you investment opportunities across the whole range of investment asset classes:

Equities – We can provide you with a whole range of options in investing in small- , medium- , or big-cap companies across any industry or market, and we maintain a strong presence in all the indexes. We can offer you the chance to buy common stock, preferred stock, convertible securities, or restricted stock, and our Financial Advisors have a deep understanding of the global markets and all the different industries.

Fixed-Income Securities – Bonds are the safe offset to the more high risk equities market, and they should always be a part of a well-diversified portfolio since they offer dependable income and capital protection. They can help investors to meet certain important financial obligations, such as college tuition fees or mortgages, but they are not guaranteed to deliver you a profit if they are sold prior to maturity.

Alternative Investments – The alternative asset classes are usually more volatile and illiquid than the traditional asset classes, and we normally reserve these for clients who can meet certain requirements, such as minimum worth values. They also tend to have complex characteristics and limited regulations, and, as such, we tend to only make them available to our more experienced investor clients.

Funds – There are various funds which you can invest in in order to spread your risk exposure across different assets and industries or markets. We can offer you the chance to invest in Mutual Funds – from Fixed-Income Funds, Equity Funds, and Money Market Funds, to Balanced Funds and Specialty Funds – or the more risky Hedge Funds, each one designed to either produce capital preservation, income or growth appreciation, or a combination of both.

For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our AlderBrook advisors.