Collective Redress

There are many cases where a multitude of claimants will have similar claims which bear the same common characteristics, and they will seek resolution against the same defendant or group of defendants. The EU has long advocated the need for a uniform approach and methodology to collective redress in order to bring about more clarity and improved success in complex claims. We fully support this notion and we hope to help to establish a global approach in order to better protect investors’ rights everywhere.

We have vast experience in dealing with complex claims by multiple claimants and we offer a ‘No Win, No Pay’ policy which ensures that you do not have to be burdened with any extra costs. We undertake to finance and manage the whole litigation process related to any damage redress, and also to assume any underlying risks. We will undertake all the litigations in our own name and our own account and thus allow you to preserve any ongoing business relationships.

We can offer assistance with:

  • Injustice Relief – Claimants who are seeking to stop the continuation of an illegal practice or behavior
  • Compensatory relief – Claimants who are seeking damages for the harm caused by an illegal practice or behavior


For further information please contact us so we can help you to recover your losses.

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