Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility Guides Our Investment Decisions


Guiding Corporations And Supporting Communities

Social Responsibility:

Responsible Investing Promoting Long-Term Growth 


Here at AlderBrook we are custodians of over $8.4 billion in assets and capital and we are acutely aware of the responsibility this carries as we are duty bound to protect and preserve the wealth of our clients. We believe in responsible investing in order to maintain a long-term investment perspective, and in order to help to create strong companies which will continue to be successful in the future.

We believe in creating lasting value for our investment clients and we are dedicated to providing solutions which will make a difference to the long-term success of our investment partners. Successful, well-run and socially aware companies will generate jobs and in turn help to strengthen the local economies and enrich the communities that they are based in. We believe in helping to make our corporate clients stronger and more competitive in order to better enable them to bolster their own communities, and to improve the lives of their employees and consumers alike.

We are completely committed to maintaining this aspect of our company’s ethos and we will continue to strive for better social responsibility within the services we offer to our clients. We will always operate with integrity and honesty, as well as an ethical public-minded spirit, as we look to secure the future of not just our clients but also their employees, customers and the wider communities around them.



Cultivating Entrepreneurship, Empowering Communities, and Promoting Long-Term Job Growth

While we are absolutely focused on servicing our clients and ensuring the long-term success of their investments and wealth accumulation,  we also have a tradition of always striving to enrich the community that we are based in. We believe that it is our social responsibility to support the community in which we work and live, and we will always look for ways of improving the social and economic conditions of communities in need.

While we still make considerable charity contributions, we do not think that charity can foster any true long-term gains, and we prefer to focus instead on enabling individuals and communities to find ways of maximizing their potential. We believe in identifying and then empowering individuals with potential, and entrepreneurs in need of a guiding hand, who can then help others by generating job growth and creating more opportunities.

We aim to inspire entrepreneurialism on a global scale, starting with our own community, in order create a cycle of self-supporting communities which will one day no longer be in need of charity donations. We are committed to improving entrepreneurial thought and opportunities within our community, and we aim to foster and encourage innovative endeavors in this field.

The AlderBrook Foundation

Dedicated to Entrepreneurial Enterprise and Empowering Individuals

The AlderBrook Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of the people in our community. We believe that it is our duty to help the people around us and to allow individuals within the community to fulfill their potential. We have developed strong bonds and partnerships with several local charities, and we are committed to making regular donations through The Foundation while always striving to find long-term solutions to job and wealth creation.

While we will always support our local community through charitable donations, we aim to foster and encourage economic growth and empower individuals in order for them to be able to lead and help their own community. Through our Foundation, we believe that we can help to maintain charitable enterprises in the short-term, as well as helping to generate job growth and economic opportunities in the long-term. We believe that we can be the key to a brighter future for the people around us.

The AlderBrook Individual Enterprise Initiative

In 2015 we launched our pioneering initiative in order to identify and encourage entrepreneurial activity within our community and beyond. We aim to empower individuals with potential and support them in their endeavors, helping them to grow and succeed and in turn stimulate further economic opportunities within their community.

We conduct a thorough search throughout the community in order to identify dynamic individuals with potential, before then putting them through our rigorous selection process, involving workshops, tutorials, initiatives to test their resourcefulness and commitment, and strategic assessments. Once we select our chosen candidates, we offer resource support and provide funding for the launch and upkeep of their enterprise.

If you feel that you would be a worthy recipient of our support and financial assistance in your endeavors, please contact us and describe in the box provided why you feel you should be considered for this initiative.

The AlderBrook Entrepreneur Community Network 

We believe in the community spirit and in the power of supporting networks, and we place our trust in the leaders of tomorrow. We believe that individuals are empowered and energized when they are surrounded by other like-minded people. We believe that collective strength is a powerful tool which can be the difference between success and failure.

We aim to create a network of entrepreneurial individuals who can interact with one another, help each other, and work together to create new opportunities. We would like to support anybody who we adjudge would be a valuable asset to this Community Network, and we are ready to offer our assistance in any enterprise which is born out of this exclusive fellowship.

If you feel that you would be a valuable addition to our Entrepreneur Community Network, please contact us and explain in the box provided what qualities you possess which would make you an ideal candidate to join our Entrepreneur Community Network.

For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our AlderBrook advisors.