Debt Recovery

We have a long history in helping investors to recover their losses, and our attorneys have vast experience in litigating investment disputes. We will meet with you and discuss your concerns, and you will then be required to conclude a mandate with us to allow us to deal with your claim. We will then conduct a thorough investigation into your specific case in order to work out the best strategy for recovering your investment losses. Our policy is that you only pay us a percentage of the recovered funds which means that you will not incur any high litigation expenses.

We can offer:

  • International Litigation or Arbitration
  • Debt-for-Counter Trades
  • Debt-for-Debt Swaps
  • Debt-Equity Swaps
  • Amicable Settlements

Debt Purchase

We also offer our Debt Purchase service where we can offer you the chance to sell your debt at market conditions or even enter into an options agreement. This may often be the easiest course for many investors and the quickest way to recovering some of their losses without any long and drawn-out litigation disputes. We have extensive experience in this area and we can offer you sound advice if you choose to take this option.

You can either:

  • Sell Your Claim – This means that you can recover your losses quickly and easily. However, if your claim is against a corporation from a country which is deemed unstable then it will not be valued very highly on the secondary market.
  • Take an Options Agreement – This will give AlderBrook the exclusive rights to purchase your claim at an agreed upon percentage within a predetermined timeframe, during which we will investigate further and try to find any way we can to recover your claim at your desired percentage.

For further information please contact us so we can help you to recover your losses.

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