Our Commitment:

True Fiduciary Responsibility Starts Here

All wealth management companies in the financial industry are bound by certain rules and regulations which are there to protect the investors and ensure that financial advisors are always acting in the best interests of the client. While the advisors have every right to claim a financial reward for their services, any investment made on behalf of the client should primarily benefit the client and not the investor.

Financial consultants have a responsibility to advise their clients on the best investing opportunities and not to steer them towards investments which will benefit the consultant more than the client. This means that financial advisors have to disclose any potential conflict of interest on their behalf, as well as ensuring that the client is fully aware of all fees and commissions that they will charged for.

The key issues which are most relevant in today’s marketplace are the concerns many investors have over transparency of fees and the implementation of the regulations which are in place to ensure fiduciary accountability. Investors are fed up with hidden back-end fees and other charges that they are not warned about, and so are we. Unfortunately there are many self-serving lobbying groups and investment advisors who are opposed to being held accountable and who are intent on disparaging any attempts made by the regulatory bodies who are trying to bring transparency to the financial industry.

We, on the other hand, wholeheartedly support any regulatory enforcement and we unequivocally welcome full transparency in order to ensure true fiduciary responsibility.

We pledge to you:

  • We will disclose any conflict of interest which may affect any investment advice given to you.
  • We will always adopt practices and procedures which are best suited to mitigating any conflicts of interest.
  • We will always advise you of any fees and charges which you may be liable for.
  • We can produce written confirmation of any assurances you need on transaction fees and other charges on investments made on your behalf, as well as declarations of intent on these investments.

We believe that operating within true fiduciary standards is what are clients deserve, and, furthermore, we believe that it is a vital component of the trust which is at the core of any successful long-term relationship.