An Investment Platform Capitalizing On Global Opportunities

Flexible and Opportunistic Investing Helping You to Stay Ahead of the Rest

The financial landscape is such that not every investment proposition comes in a simple and well-structured package, just as it’s not always possible to predict where and when the next opportunity will present itself. Some of the most valuable investment opportunities often have a short life span from sourcing to execution, and they often fall outside the traditional alternative investment classes. We believe that in order to maximize your investment potential you need to be ready to capitalize on every opportunity. We have set up a team which is ideally placed and supported by all of our AlderBrooke resources, with the mandate of identifying and acting upon the more discerning investment opportunities.

Our Flexible Investing platform (FlexInPlat) is an opportunistic investing platform which is flexible and which enables us to invest across different asset classes, geographies and industries around the world, focusing on investment opportunities which are complex or time-sensitive, or where there is an apparent strong risk exposure which we believe is assessed incorrectly. This platform allows us to leverage capital from various funds and adjust our position in order to be able to take advantage of any unforeseen investment opportunity which would be overlooked by our less discerning and less shrewd competitors.

The advantages of our Flexible Investing platform:

  • The ability to use leverage in order to act upon time-sensitive investment opportunities.
  • An inherent investment flexibility which allows us to capitalize on market adjustments in time.
  • A strong focus on assessing and managing actual risk as opposed to the perceived market risk factor.
  • The capacity to identify investment opportunities with asymmetric returns and sufficient downside protection.
  • The collective governance of our company’s senior leadership which ensures inter-departmental collaboration and highly experienced investing analysis.

For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our AlderBrook advisors.