We are one of Asia’s largest and most flexible investors in Hedge Funds, and we specialize in providing our clients with a wide variety of investment solutions through customized and comingled portfolios, seeding investments, and General Partner ownership, among others. Our investors include many of Asia’s biggest institutional entities, and we share our clients’ interests with over $200 million of our company’s and our employees’ assets invested in the same vehicles.

Our investment philosophy is to allow our investors’ assets to grow through tailor-made strategies which deliver risk-adjusted returns while mitigating risk, and customized vehicles which adhere strictly to our clients’ specific objectives. We provide solutions to the region’s largest investors in Hedge Funds by maintaining a strict due diligence process and achieving positive returns across market cycles, while preserving capital during stressed market conditions.

  • We apply rigorous due diligence in order to identify new investment opportunities and to then create capacity using our talented and highly experienced fund managers.
  • Most of the assets we invest in are within customized strategies which are created with the sole purpose of meeting individualized client-specific financial objectives.
  • We employ a global perspective of the financial marketplace and we incorporate this global outlook in our assessments as we develop our customized strategies.
  • We are involved in the seeding of the development of new Hedge Funds which in turn helps to create and foster new investment opportunities for our clients.

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