We are specialists in helping your business to grow through the seemingly complicated process of external expansion by undertaking corporate restructuring through mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. We can provide you with our expert guidance in the intricate procedure involved in order to allow you to maximize the profitability of this potentially very valuable undertaking. We will work with you in order to ascertain your ultimate objectives, and we can then offer you both our advisory services and strategic implementation of whichever strategy is deemed most suitable for your business.

We can also work with you by identifying prospective targets for your business, compiling reports and providing an in-depth evaluation of both their history and track record, and the potential for future earnings and capital growth, as well as guiding you on price valuation and advising you on the most appropriate strategy. We also use our extensive network of contacts and our Research & Analysis resources in order to identify prospective deals for our clients.

We can help you with:

  • Acquisitions & Tender Offers
  • Mergers and Demergers
  • Leveraged Buyouts
  • Takeovers & Takeover Defenses
  • Consolidation
  • Sales & Divestitures
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Loan Origination

For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our AlderBrook advisors.