Press Releases

AlderBrook are pleased to announce the end of another successful year

AlderBrook Capital are proud to announce that 2017 has been another successful year which has seen our company go from strength to strength, and one in which new milestones have been achieved. We believe in innovation and we have continued to pioneer new investment strategies based on the concept of equal investment opportunities for all investors, and to provide institutional investment opportunities to clients regardless of their financial status. Also, we have grown as a company in every department and we have surpassed even our own expectations. Our client base has increased by 19% as we have now firmly established a stronger presence in the Asia Pacific region deeming the founding of our premises in Japan a resounding success. The funds under our management have grown by almost $2 billion, while we have also added 29 more institutional partners to our books. We have also established more innovative fund vehicles, […]

AlderBrook announce inaugural Hands-Across-Asia investment forum in Shanghai

AlderBrook announce inaugural Hands-Across-Asia investment forum in Shanghai AlderBrook Capital are pleased to be able to announce the hosting of our first investment seminar at the end of the year with the inaugural Hands-Across-Asia conference in Shanghai. This flagship event will incorporate conferences, group seminars and debating groups hosted by several distinguished keynote speakers, as well as various interactive workshops designed to bring together the different strands of the financial world in a search for new ideas and investment forecasts. We will be inviting all the leading financial minds, industry leaders and decision makers in the Asia-Pacific region in order to encourage an honest exchange of ideas and concepts, as well as providing the opportunity for networking and meeting up with like-minded professionals. We will also be inviting some of our sponsored students and members of the AlderBrook Foundation Individual Enterprise Initiative to join us for some of the seminars[…..]

AlderBrook reveal a new addition to their Advisory Board with China Mergers & Acquisitions expert

AlderBrook Capital wealth management firm are pleased to be able to announce the addition of Mr Wang Liu Xiang to our Investment Advisor Board. Mr Wang holds degrees from Beijing University and Harvard University and he speaks fluently Mandarin, Japanese and English. He is an expert in Mergers & Acquisitions and he has worked for more than two decades as an advisor to many of China’s top financial firms, as well as an intermediately between Chinese wealth management companies and businesses based in the USA and Europe. Mr Wang will strengthen our capabilities in several departments and add even more experience and knowhow pertaining to the potentially lucrative Chinese market, as well as helping to bridge the cultural gap. The Chinese marketplace is one which AlderBrook Capital view as potentially the most lucrative market on a global scale, and one which should provide the best investment opportunities both in the[…..]

AlderBrook reveal new initiative for finding new talent in Japan

AlderBrook Capital wealth management firm is launching a new and innovative initiative with the specific goal of discovering and then nurturing new talent from within Japan. We are taking this step as part of our ongoing commitment to constantly be striving to grow as a company, and as part of our belief in promoting young talent and giving them the best opportunity to realize their potential. We are seeking to tap into the local community as we look to expand our horizons and resources network by identifying the best talent available from the most prestigious universities in Japan. We want to take the opportunity to cultivate and develop the chosen candidates by furthering their education as we look to the future in our search for the financial advisors and analysts of tomorrow. After several months of discussions and negotiations we have formed strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships with several of[…..]

AlderBrook achieve new milestone in funds under management

AlderBrook Capital are proud to be able to announce that we have now reached a significant milestone in funds under the company’s management, and we are now responsible for over $4 billion. This is testament to the focused management of our team leaders, the hard work and diligence of our Financial Advisors and Research & Analysis staff, the success of our investments, and the faith our clients have shown to us over the years. It shows that we have come a long way in a relatively short space of time and is proof that we are heading in the right direction as we strive forward towards our goal of being the most successful wealth management firm in the Asia-Pacific region. We are extremely happy of the growth the company has shown since we launched as a small-cap investment firm 8 years ago, and we firmly believe that we will continue[…..]

AlderBrook announce the launch of the Individual Enterprise Initiative through the AlderBrook Foundation

  AlderBrook Capital are proud to announce the launch of yet another innovative initiative designed to provide more opportunities for people to empower themselves, improve their lives, and safeguard the future of their loved ones, while building a solid base for future generations. We recently founded the AlderBrook Foundation in order to enrich the lives of the people in the community around us by fostering economic opportunities and job creation, allowing individuals to improve their lives and fulfill their potential. This has already been a huge success and has allowed us to develop strong and important partnerships with local charities and organizations which have provided help to many of those in need around us. We are now launching a new scheme, the Individual Enterprise Initiative, which aims to take us one step closer to our objective of empowering individuals and allowing them to improve their lives and then bear a[…..]

AlderBrook announce the launch of the AlderBrook Foundation

AlderBrook are pleased to announce the launch of a new division within our Corporate Responsibility department, specifically designed to further enriching the lives of the people in the community which we are based in and allowing them to realize their potential. The AlderBrook Foundation has been set up as a means to strengthen the bond we have with local charities and the relationship we are building with our community, as well as an instrument for finding long-term solutions to job creation for those outside our client base. While we will use the Foundation to support our community through charitable donations and organizing charity drives, we primarily want to utilize it for the launch of several benevolent initiatives designed to improve the lives of those around us and afford them the opportunity to empower themselves and subsequently secure a better future for them and their loved ones. We are trying to[…..]

AlderBrook add personal pensions and estate planning to their services

AlderBrook Capital are proud to announce the addition of a new department within our company which will concentrate on Life Services, offering advice on Pensions and Wills & Estate Planning. We are aware that our primary function as a company is to provide our clients with profitable investment opportunities and to help them to build a successful investment portfolio. However, we also understand that, when making plans for the future, ensuring the financial safeguarding of your loved ones is of the utmost importance. We are also committed to providing as comprehensive a service as possible to ur clients and we feel that the addition of these services completes our firm and allows us to elevate our company above other wealth management firms. We have been working diligently behind the scenes to set up this department and in assembling a team of outstanding individuals who will be able to assist our[…..]

AlderBrook announce partnerships with several Japanese charities

AlderBrook Capital are proud to announce partnerships with several national and local Japanese charities with the aim of helping our community and allowing more people access to an opportunity to achieve their dreams and aspirations. This move is in line with our corporate responsibility charter and is further proof of our commitment to the community in which we are based and of our dedication to helping to improve the lives of those around us. While in the main we believe in financial and individual empowerment as opposed to charitable donations, we are also aware that there are many worthy causes which can only survive through financial contributions by businesses such as ours. We also understand that many valuable initiatives require an initial financial boost in order to commence operations and we are more than happy to be able to assist in the many meaningful non-profit endeavors which are constantly taking[…..]