Making Companies Stronger With Our Capital

Patient Investing With Strategic Insight

While our team generally focusses on providing investment opportunities for our clients, we also place a strong emphasis on identifying good companies with solid growth capabilities. Our aim is to enhance their performance by offering our resources and providing capital, and then allowing them the time needed to fulfill their true potential. We seek to improve our partner-companies by offering strategic guidance across the broad spectrum of their business operations in order to improve their profitability. We also take great care to offer guidance and practical advice on non-fiscal matters such as employee health insurance, energy sustainability and the maintenance of community charitable projects.

Our Private Equity methodology relies on a comprehensive, disciplined and robust due diligence process which not only identifies any potential risk, but which also analyses and ascertains prospective growth. Our policy of private equity investing releases capital to firms who are then able to improve their competitiveness and profitability by making transformative acquisitions, upgrading their technologies, employing more personnel, as well as by devoting more capital to research and investing in new and improved operational systems. We create value by investing in strong businesses and then supporting them through our specialist expertise and our global strategic partnerships. We take extreme pride in being able to offer our investors these opportunities to invest in companies with strong growth potential and long-term economic gains.

The advantages of our Private Equity platform:

  • We have the ability to take a long-term view to our investment of capital and allow the partner-company to grow.
  • We are able to support our partner-companies with our extensive resources and expertise, as well as the help of our global strategic partners.
  • We maximize the value of our companies by improving and streamlining their operational processes across the whole company‚Äôs business.
  • We are able to identify sector-based and theme-driven opportunities, and then drive change and improvement of the company through our investment capital and assistance.
  • We target companies who we feel we can transform through operational improvements and the addition of our resources.

For further information and independent advice, please contact one of our AlderBrook advisors.